The Photo Challenge #34 – It is easy being green!

Green has always been one of my favourite colors, though I’m completely indecisive about this matter. I mean, all colors are beautiful in their own special way, right?

Anyways, I associate green primarily with spring, which is my favourite season, with slow walks in parks, with relaxing moments and with March.

For this week’s challenge I took a picture of my adorable pet, a snail that has been living on my kitchen’s window sill for about three (or maybe four) years now. Here she is in her green home while eating a green, fresh and delicious lettuce leaf.

The Photo Challenge #33 – Atop

I can’t help but wanting to reach great heights and high points of view when I travel. Everything is so beautiful from up top. So, of course, while in Bruges I climbed the 366 steps of the Belfry, which is 83 meters tall, in order to enjoy the view.

You probably can’t see it from this picture and even I had just a glimpse of it while standing there, but I swear that on the horizon there’s the North Sea.