Bisogna trovare, in mezzo ai piccoli pensieri che ci danno fastidio, la strada dei grandi pensieri che ci danno la forza.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


The Photo Challenge #47 – Tour Guide

I was born and raised in Bologna, Italy, and I’m crazy in love with my hometown.
Why? Because Bologna is beautiful under any weather circumstance, the red of the bricks manages to brighten up even the worst foggy day. Because it has that Medieval touch I love so much. Because its many covered walkways protect you both from the rain in winter and the hellish heat in the summer. Because when it comes to food we are not prone to counting calories and we’re definitely not afraid of body fat. And, believe me, there are at least another hundred reasons.

It’s kind of impossible to accurately describe Bologna to people who were not born here. And I’m referring not only to people born in other countries, but also to people who were born somewhere else in Italy. Bologna is a way of life, something that runs in your veins, something you can never betray.

Two of the pictures are my mother’s. She kindly gifted them to me. Just check her IG account to take a full Bologna tour.

Dizionario delle atrocità

Asappissimo – Superlativo di “asap”, acronimo inglese di “As Soon As Possible”, basta dire “prima possibile” o “quanto prima”;
Engaggiare (il fan di una pagina Facebook) – dall’inglese “to engage”, basta dire “coinvolgere”;
Forwardo – Voce del verbo “forwardare”, dall’inglese “to forward”, basta dire “inoltrare”;
Lovvo – Voce del verbo “lovvare”, dall’inglese “to love”, basta dire “amare”;
Screenshotto – Voce del verbo “screenshottare”, dall’inglese “screenshot” che non è manco un verbo, ma un sostantivo! Comunque basta dire “fai uno screenshot”;
Sharo – Voce del verbo “sharare”, dall’inglese “to share”, basta dire “condividere”;
Shootare (una foto) – dall’inglese “to shoot”, basta dire “scattare”.

Ora, ditemi, qual è il vostro problema?

Ad ogni modo, mi dossocio anche dall’immagine. Un polso messo in quel modo lì si rompe molto prima di riuscire a rompere qualcosa…