Viaggiare è come il sale

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È come le spezie, cambia il sapore di tutto ciò che tocchi, ti lascia profumi e fragranze impigliate nel cuore.
Viaggiare è come l’amore. Una grazia, un volo, qualcosa che non puoi prevedere.

Rula Jebreal

Alleluja, alleluja!
Finalmente siamo riusciti a strappare alla routine un’altra occasione di preparare un bagaglio leggero, di armarci di mappette varie, scarpe comode e macchina fotografica per un nuovo viaggio. Questa volta, viaggiamo on the road, facendo diverse tappe: Trento, Merano, Innsbruck e Lago di Garda!
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We finally caught a break from the routine and we’ll be travelling on the road for five days. We are stopping in Trento, Merano, Innsbruck and Riva del Garda but, who knows, maybe we’ll be visiting other places too.
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On the road, again!

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E finalmente si riparte, con uno zainetto in spalla e scarpe comode ai piedi. Destinazione: Roma.

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Finally, the time has come to hit the road again. A backpack and a pair of comfy shoes is all I need. Destination: Rome.

I’ll be back here soon, my friends, but if you can’t wait to see some cool Rome snapshots you can follow my IG account.

The Photo Challenge #37 – Wanderlust

I love travelling and discovering new places, customs and traditions. At times I really feel the urge to leave behind my routine, to pack a bag and just go wherever my heart takes me. Unfortunately (and at the same time, thank God) I have a full-time job and only a few days of vacation per year so I can’t really do what I want whenever I want. Still, I can dream of long exotic journeys while planning little trips and one day excursions.

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I did one of those excursions. We visited Castell’Arquato, which is a magical and timeless medieval burg in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. And we are not going to stop; in fact, we’re going on a two day trip to Tuscany in about 3 weeks from now. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s a picture of the fortress and the surroundings of Castell’Arquato.