The Photo Challenge #39 – Collage

If you ever find yourself in my hometown, Bologna (Italy), and you have a car you should definitely go visit Rocchetta Mattei. It’s a one hour trip, but it’s definitely worth it because, once you are there, you get to admire a castle so hypnotic and fantastic it seems to have just come out of who-knows-what fairytale.

Many different architectural styles, from different ages and from around the world, clash, combine and blend together like in a great collage.

And the surprises keep on coming as you continue your visit. Nothing in Rocchetta Mattei is what it seems: you think you’re seeing bricks, but you are actually looking at painted wood. You have the impression of seeing an inlaid wooden ceiling but it is actually papier-mâché. And so on.

I can’t do anything but highly recommend a visit, if you get the chance. For more pictures, you can click here.

The Photo Challenge #38 – Order

Order is not one of my strong points.
To be honest I’m a quite messy person and entropy fascinates me way too much. Not that I dislike tidy, neat spaces but this kind of thing just doesn’t get along with my way of thinking.

Thankfully, some people have a thing for order and some jobs just get done in that way. What you see in the picture is my new livingroom floor; the shot was taken the day after the tiles were installed. The layout is perfectly in order and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The Photo Challenge #37 – Wanderlust

I love travelling and discovering new places, customs and traditions. At times I really feel the urge to leave behind my routine, to pack a bag and just go wherever my heart takes me. Unfortunately (and at the same time, thank God) I have a full-time job and only a few days of vacation per year so I can’t really do what I want whenever I want. Still, I can dream of long exotic journeys while planning little trips and one day excursions.

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I did one of those excursions. We visited Castell’Arquato, which is a magical and timeless medieval burg in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. And we are not going to stop; in fact, we’re going on a two day trip to Tuscany in about 3 weeks from now. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s a picture of the fortress and the surroundings of Castell’Arquato.