The Photo Challenge #42 – Experimental

I’ve been experimenting a lot lately. I guess it is mainly because… I just moved in with my boyfriend. So, new house, new rules, new routine, new recipes, new stuff still to buy, everything is new and there is plenty to still experiment. Among other things, I’m experimenting with taking care of the beautiful plants our friend brought us when they first came to visit us. Will this orchid, which I named Ophelia, survive my not so green thumb?

As for now, I think she likes her spot since all the closed buds managed to bloom. We’ll see how it goes in the next weeks.


The Photo Challenge #41 – Temporary

Everything is temporary. This thought can be encouraging, if you’re going through a complicated time of your life, or not so much. Anyways, it is not about its being comforting or not; the fact is that temporary, for us mortal beings, is true.
Some things take longer times then others to unravel, but everything changes until it ends. Nothing is ever the same that it was just a few moments before. This is what temporary means to me.

The picture I chose for this week’s challenge was taken last autumn in Brisighella, a medieval burg in Emilia-Romagna (Italy), where medieval architectures mesh with modern buildings under the constant gaze of the beautiful clock tower that overlooks the burg.

The Photo Challenge #40 – Textures

I love to take pictures of raw materials; I find them extremely fascinating. Which is why, from time to time, I like to point my camera to the floor or very close to the side of old buildings. Through the lens the textures of the objects become something else.

The picture I chose for this week’s challenge was taken last spring while I was wandering in my hometown. It may not look anything special to you and I believe it is not, but somehow I like it very much.
The sun light, filtered through a church’s gate gave a new look the same old pavement.

And now, quiz time. After a quick look at the picture my boyfriend told me he sees a skittish horse (or a dinosaur) in it. What do you see?