The Photo Challenge #51 – Twisted

Sometimes things in life get all tangled and twisted and sometimes we are responsible for it. I guess it’s in our DNA to make a fuss over simple things at times. Maybe it’s because also our DNA is a twisted double helix…

The shape of the double winding staircase you see below actually kinda reminds of the shape of our DNA. You can see this beautiful and peculiar staircase in Innsbruck, inside the Stadtturm, before climbing the circa 200 steps that take you to the top.


The Photo Challenge #50 – Liquid

As soon as I read the title of this week’s challenge I immediately thought of the sea. Yet, I already declared my love for the sea many times and posted quite a few images depicting it. So, I asked myself “is there anything else liquid that you like?” and… beer, the answer is beer.

Red over dark, and dark over blonde, I’m a beer enthusiast. I really don’t care for elaborate and refined drinks.  Even if it is a girls night out, you can spot me enjoying a simple beer. Also, I enjoy tasting craft beers and I attended quite a few fairs and festivals over the years.
In this picture, the typical beer stein you get in Südtirol when you order a small beer. Their idea of “small” is the best!

The Photo Challenge #49 – Awakening

This year, at least here in Italy, spring is definitely struggling to overcome that wintery feel. We have one day of sun, and then 3 days of grey skies and raining and it feels like it’s November all over again. It kinda sucks and, of course, the raining always happens during the weekend.

Anyway, the awakening of Mother Nature has definitely begun as you can see in the picture below, taken just yesterday. Let’s hope that from now on the sun will shine and shine and shine.