Pic of the Month – December 2018

December is one hell of a month! First of all there’s the search for the perfect gifts and then it gets crowded with Christmas parties and dinners, with family reunions and friends gatherings and all of this leads to New Year’s Eve, perhaps the most dreaded night of all year. Also, I celebrate my birthday in December.
So yeah, December is one of those months where I end up having a lot of different pictures casually stuffed in my phone. It could’ve been hard to decide which one to post, but actually it was not difficult at all, because how can you beat an evening spent baking Christmas biscuits with your best friends?


Pic of the Month – October 2018

Last week I got the chance to kitty-sit the little lady you see in the picture while her hoomans were at a wedding in their hometown. I was excited to be asked because… I really LOVE cats.

I mean, I love all kinds of animals but there is just that special feeling with cats. For example, unlike dogs (which I love all the same), cats are independent and have their own personality; plus, just like me, they can be all cuddly one minute and bite and scratch you the next (I don’t literally bite and scratch people, but you know what I mean)… my personality resonates with them.

That said, I would love to have a kitty of my own. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is not a cat person (or so he says) but I really hope that maybe, in the future, we’ll welcome a cat in our little family. I’m keeping my fingers crossed until it happens.

Do you have a cat? What’s his/hers name? Come on, tell me all about him/her in the comment section 😉

Pic of the Month – September 2018

Friendship is one of the best things in life! To be part of a group of people that love and support you, with whom you can share your ups and downs, people who have seen you at your best and at your worst and that keep on standing by your side, this is inestimable.

I decided to share this bizarre picture from last month because, to me, it represents friendship at its best. During the last month we really rallied to organize four funny pranks to pump our other friends’ wedding up. We had soooo much fun (in the picture we are crafting an off-scale piadina) and I’m happy to report that the newlyweds were really pleased with what we came up; they really felt the love we put in for one of the biggest day of their lives.

Because, in the end, friendship is all about spreading love, taking time to dedicate time to the others, being there when you are needed and making great memories out of the most (extra)ordinary days.