The Photo Challenge #20 – Quest

Last november my boyfriend and I visited Brussels. We loved the city and we walked hours and hours in order to see each and every thing we had planned to.
We visited the Atomium and Magritte’s museum, we lost track of time in the majestic Grand Place, we watched the two different spirits of Sainte-Catherine melding together and, of course, we went to see the Manneken Pis, a small bronze statue, portraying a child peeing, that has become the city symbol.

While we were standing there our Lonely Planet guide informed us that the Manneken Pis has two little friends, Jeanneke Pis which is a girl peeing and Zinneke Pis, a dog that does the same. It was our first day in the city and we had to look at the map anyways, so we decided to track the other statues down while visiting the city center. Our quest had begun.


As you can see we found the dog, but the girl, she must be hidden pretty well somewhere. We spent almost 2 hours circling around the area where she was supposed to be, but we could not find her. It had become a challenge with ourselves. We totally lost.
It was the most unsuccessful quest of all time, but it was fun and every time we recall it we burst into laughters.

It’s kind of a life lesson too: sometimes it doesn’t matter if you find what you’re looking for at the end of the journey, what matters is what you see and learn during and the fun you have while you’re going.


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