The Photo Challenge – #13 Partners

I have a tendency of naming the things (living or not) I’m fond of. So, this cactus’ name is Artù, which is the italian for King Arthur.hdr Don’t ask me why it is its name, because I don’t know. While I was in the greenhouse I saw it in the back row and it was love at first sight. I instantly thought of that name, only God knows why.

For months it stood unaltered on the window sill of my office. Then, bam! All of a sudden, Artù started blooming and before I knew it on every leaf there was a newborn. I guess the breaking of summer, the sun rays and the water I give it every 8/10 days worked in partnership and made this perfectly simultaneous birth possible.

So, this is the reason why I took a picture of Artù, which somehow managed to survive my not so green thumb.


Un pensiero su “The Photo Challenge – #13 Partners

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