The Photo Challenge – #12 Curve

Maman is a huge sculpture, by Louise Bourgeois, made of steel, bronze and marble. It is often on exhibit tours and I got the chance to observe it while it was placed in Place Neuve, Geneva, in front of the art museum Musée Rath.

This sculpture, just like its name “Maman”, which stands for “mother”, fascinates me. I swear I stared at it for at least 20 minutes, watching every detail of the tangle of the body, which holds the marble spider eggs, and the curves of the legs, so fragile and yet so powerful. The friend who was with me found it creepy (maybe because she’s afraid of spiders), but I think it has a sense of gracefulness to it. What do you think of it?


5 pensieri su “The Photo Challenge – #12 Curve

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