The photo challenge – #7 Future


When I graduated from high school, almost 9 years ago, my English teacher gave me (and the rest of my schoolmates) a bookmark, on which she had previously printed this poem by John Scharr. It was a goodbye gift.
I chose the colour green, but the poetry was the same for each and everyone of us. I have no idea what the others did with it, but I kept it and I’m still using it as my official bookmark.

I loved the poem then, I still do and I’d like to think that, by now, I’m starting to get the deep meaning of it. For this week’s challenge I decided to share this poem with you because I believe that facts actually prove that “the future is what you make it“.


2 pensieri su “The photo challenge – #7 Future

  1. Awww, you kept the bookmark your teacher gave you. It must mean something to you. Perhaps it also reminds you of your school days and the lessons you learnt in your younger days 🙂 Brilliant way to think of this challenge.

    Mi piace


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