The photo challenge – #4 One Love

No matter how hard I try, I can’t wrap my head around Love.
Do I love love or do I hate love? I’ve been wondering about this basically every other day since my teenager days. No way I got any closer to understanding what love really is.

So, this challenge really put me to the test. How to capture such an elusive sentiment in just one shot? After days of lurking in the dark it hit me. If there’s one thing I’m sure I love, that’s the seaside in the summer. My smiles get bigger and brighter as soon as my feet touch the sand (or the rocks, I love those too!) and I could swim, play or just relax in the water for hours a day. The peace, the inner peace that the sea gives me through its colours, sounds and smells.

Here is one of my one true loves, one that will never walk away from me.



Un pensiero su “The photo challenge – #4 One Love

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