The photo challenge – #2 State of mind

Lately, there’s frenzy in my mind. It seems like I can’t be quiet for a second. I need to do stuff. I feel the urge to start new projects, something totally different from what I’ve done so far. I’m hungry for beauty. I’m craving for intellectual nourishment and personal growth.

I’m a sponge; I’m grasping every bit of inspiration that crosses my path. This is why, this week, I took this picture of a survival blanket in motion.


The way aluminium takes in and reflects colours and light around itself… I feel like this is my inner world right now. Collecting thoughts and inputs from the outside to reinterpret and transform into something new.
Ideas like sparks, like flashing lights on the calm, deep blue canvas of my mind. Which explains the photoshop manipulation you can see below.



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